Well, this is my first-ever medium article. In fact, I am writing one after almost 3 years — the last I wrote was in March 2018. So, don’t judge my writing skills :)

A little background

Here is my story in brief:

I have been in the community space for more than 7 years now and currently working with the Google Developer Relations team in India as a Program Manager for their Developer Student Clubs program. …

We encounter artificial intelligence in almost all our daily tasks: speech-to-text, photo tagging technology, fingerprint recognition, spam classification. We see it contributing to cutting-edge innovations: precision medicine, injury prediction, use-cases like predicting diabetic retinopathy and autonomous cars.

By allowing machines to learn, reason, act and adapt in the real world, artificial intelligence and machine learning are helping businesses unlock deeper levels of knowledge and insights from massive amounts of data. Most AI algorithms need huge computing power to accomplish tasks from the huge amounts of data. For this reason, they rely on cloud servers to perform their computations, and aren’t…

Glad you like it! Thanks for the feedback. I will think of coming up with another article on your suggestions.

Hello there! Here is me back again writing my second medium article. If in case you missed it, check out my first medium article on “Communities” in the Venture Capital ecosystem here (although unrelated to this one).


I started my professional career with IBM India as a Java Application Developer in India Software Labs. In my 5+ years of professional career, whenever I interact with undergraduate students in meetups/community events/webinars I am often posed with the question: “What’s the journey of a software developer/engineer?”.

Having come from a technical background and starting a career as a software engineer myself, I…

Siddhant Agarwal

ACM’s Distinguished Speaker | Developer Relations @ Google India | International Speaker — AI/ML/Cloud | Tech + Communities + Edu + Design + Startups

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